Why Fertility and Hyperthyroidism Are Enemies

As you may know, hyperthyroidism is caused by an overly active thyroid. This may not sound like a problem for some people, as being active can just be a sign of a proper functioning, but when it comes to the body, being overly active can spell a big mess. Add to this the fact that the thyroid is the body part that’s most responsible in producing different hormones that can really make or break various bodily processes, making it a really crucial body part to have as healthy as possible when trying to get pregnant.

Apart from its affect on the hormones, there are still a lot of reasons why hyperthyroidism and fertility are such enemies. One reason for this is that hyperthyroidism can cause menstrual irregularities. And as a regular menstrual cycle is highly essential to predict when a female is most fertile, it can really be a big problem when this occurs during the time the couple is trying for a child.

Another reason why hyperthyroidism and fertility cannot coexist is because this condition causes anovulation, or the absence of ovulation. Common knowledge will tell you, without ovulation, there’s no egg, and without an egg to fertilize, a woman cannot get pregnant.

Hyperthyroidism also causes unhealthy weight loss, another condition that can hamper your chances to get pregnant. Also, a person with this condition will most likely suffer from weakness, irritability, and depression among a lot of other things.

The real bummer though about this enmity between hyperthyroidism and fertility is that you cannot easily tell apart the symptoms of pregnancy and hyperthyroidism. This means that if you’ve been trying to conceive and has the condition without knowing it, you may take the symptoms of hyperthyroidism for pregnancy, even making things more frustrating.

This is why before you plan on getting pregnant; make sure that you get your body checked first. As hyperthyroidism is a hereditary disease, it can be detected by a specialist easily given your medical history and symptoms.

However, once diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, there’s still a good thing that you can look forward to. This is the fact that even with hyperthyroidism you still have chances to get pregnant. Studies show that only less than one percent of pregnancies are affected by the disease, so there’s a large possibility for you to not belong in that tiny one percent.

Now that you know the reasons why hyperthyroidism and fertility are enemies, there’s more reasons now why you should go see your doctors. Always keep in mind that it is always best to plan ahead than suffer from the consequences of hyperthyroidism when you’re already pregnant.

Originally posted 2018-06-21 06:05:13.