Isn’t Lactose Intolerance Forever?

According to current medical belief, lactose intolerance is a permanent condition. There is a whole industry built around products without dairy and milk products that are lactose free. There are dozens of articles on the internet encouraging people who are obliged to do so, that living without dairy isn’t the end of life. On Amazon, you can find many dairy-free cookbooks, as well as suggestions in books on health and nutrition on how to live without milk. But lactose intolerance being a permanent condition just isn’t my clinical experience.  And I’m not alone.

There are over 11,000 healthcare practitioners including medical doctors, who utilize the NAET approach for allergy elimination.  It is a holistic procedure to reprogram the body naturally, so that it doesn’t react to food allergens.  And most NAET practitioners have similar results to mine with milk allergies. Does the NAET technique alter a person’s DNA?  That remains to be seen.  I’ve had patients who had a blood test, indicating that they had an allergy to casein, the protein in milk or just a milk allergy.  After their NAET treatments were completed, I would often have them wait six months to have a follow-up blood test.  The blood tests often showed no allergy to casein or milk.  Sometimes the allergy did show, but not as strong.  I think this happens because some people take a longer time to heal on a cellular level.

Doris Rapp, MD who is a pioneer in food allergies, wrote a New York bestseller entitled, Is This Your Child?  In it, she stated that she has been desensitizing children with food allergies for over 30 years with homeopathy.  So, there are various approaches out there to neutralize a milk allergy or lactose intolerance.  A 51 year-old African-American woman who was lactose intolerant her entire life, came to my office.  She enjoyed cheese once in a while but there was always noticeable discomfort after consuming any dairy product, cheese included.  To her delight, I shared with her that reprogramming the body to tolerate dairy without any consequence was something I did on a regular basis. The patient seemed eager to eliminate her lactose intolerance.  After a few sessions, she could tolerate milk, yogurt, chocolate, ice cream and pizza, without any reactions or noticeable symptoms.

My intention is not to promote a technique, but to share with readers that what is a commonly held belief, may not be true.  Lactose intolerance doesn’t have to be forever.  You can be cured for lactose intolerance. You can have ice cream and pizza without experiencing symptoms. There are approximately 50 million Americans that experience a symptom due to dairy.  Recently in USA Today, there was an article entitled, Sixty Percent of Adults Can’t Digest Milk! But the article includes the entire world and compares different cultures, not only Americans.

People often do not realize that 50% of all food reactions happen in a delayed-onset manner.  That is, if you are dairy sensitive, the symptoms may not appear until 4, 10, 18 hours later.  The symptoms most linked to dairy sensitivity are eczema, bloating, flatulence, diarrhea, weight gain, cramps, congestion and ear infections. I often treat toddlers and infants for lactose intolerance. I can’t influence a baby. I can’t make a baby believe me. The success in eliminating their allergic symptom indicates that the treatment is not a placebo or manipulation of some sort, but that the bioenergetic process simply works.


Originally posted 2018-05-20 01:00:37.