Gluten Free Foods List – A Basic List to Build On

Have you been searching all over the internet looking for a gluten free foods list? What I am going to share with you is just a basic list that will help you to get started if you have found out that you are gluten intolerant. Celiac disease, or those that suffer from its symptoms, can be very frustrating. Are you tired of finding out that your favorite foods contain gluten? Are you tired of finding conflicting information that is available all over the internet? Even if the ingredients label on the food does not show that there is wheat in it, be cautious. Your stomach will tell you if there was gluten in that cookie that you just ate.

One thing that you should remember about this gluten free foods list is that anything can get contaminated with wheat products. So be careful when you are searching for commercially available foods that you think are wheat free. If you are not sure, contact the company that produced the product.

Here is my basic gluten free foods list to get you started.

1. Fresh meats – Be careful with sausage!
2. Fish and shellfish
3. Vegetables
4. Fruits
5. Rice and rice flour
6. Buckwheat – What is that? It not related to wheat.
7. Eggs
8. Rice cakes and rice crackers
9. Honey
10. Wine – some wineries may use gluten products in the aging of the wine.

This is a very short but basic gluten free foods list. There are so many things that you can think of that you wish were on there like a loaf of bread from your favorite grocery store. But you have to change your mind set on what you can and cannot eat.

Let us look at the first item on the list. I said to be careful with sausage. Why should I be careful with sausage? Commercially available sausages are generally packed with fillers, like wheat flour and breads in general. This does not mean that you have to quit eating sausage and remove it from your gluten free foods list. You just have to be cautious and contact the manufacturer if you are not sure. Also another important item to be careful with is meatloaf. Meatloaf often contains bread, bread crumbs or crackers. It is probably best to make meatloaf at home just to make sure that it does not contain any wheat products.

So there it is my basic gluten free foods list. I wish you all the success in taking on your struggle with gluten intolerance. There are so many people that are finding out every day that they are gluten intolerant. Keep your head up. There is so much support out there.

Originally posted 2018-05-17 03:00:14.